April Paper Pumpkin Kit

Here are some pictures of the April Paper Pumpkin kit. It is a special one because our very own  Stampin’ Up CEO, Sara designed it.

Look at all those goodies! Black Envelopes, black card bases, even little acrylic glittery flowers! Wait until you see the finished cards!

Can you see the resist details on the piece there by the little paint brush? The heart shape also has this. You’ll have a good look at how that “works” when you see the finished cards here in a bit…

Here is that resist with the water coloring you do with the fantastic colored pencils included with the kit. And there is one of the flowers. The washi tape is also included.

Here is the inside of the card.I just “made up” the designs for the insides. Just gotta use that imagination, and my own style for that part.

Here’s a closer look at the glittery acrylic flowers


I guess I should give you a good glimpse of the stamp set. That’s kind of a major part of the kit wouldn’t you say?

I got 14 pieces in this photo-polymer set. That makes placing them quite easy-peesy!

If you’re liking what you see so far, you can always sign up for the monthly little box of happiness for yourself. This exact set has already been sent, but I know the one for next month will be wonderful. Every month’s kit is wonderful, but don’t just take my word for it. Try one out for yourself. If you like it, then sign up for more!

On with the cards….


Wondering what the little colored stuff under each card? That’s the card liners inside the envelopes. There are 4 different designs. I love these!

Here is another resist piece, and some more of the sparkly flowers, and another design inside the envelope along with the inside of the card.

Hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen here today.

If you don’t currently have a demonstrator for you Stampin’ Up needs, I would love to fill that gap and help you out in whatever way I can.

Take care, and Happy Stampin’!